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Rovial is a visionary Space Technology Company pioneering groundbreaking AI-enabled robotics to build High-power Solar Space Platforms that will revolutionize the New Space Economy

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The Future needs more power

The Space industry is experiencing an Industrial Revolution, demanding innovative tools and substantially increased Power in orbit.

Today, satellites face limitations with only 25-30KW power capacity, incurring exorbitant costs exceeding 400 million Euros per satellite.

All current GEO/MEO business and upcoming applications (data processing, secure data centers, in-orbit manufacturing, high-power radars, detection payload, lasers, lunar missions, etc.) require solutions providing considerably more power in space at significantly reduced costs compared to today’s capabilities.


Sustainable High-Power Platforms for the New Space Economy

Rovial plans to leverage the upcoming large mass Space X Rockets and utilize our proprietary AI-enabled robots for the assembly and maintainance of High-power platforms in space, feeding a diversity of client’s payload fitted within the launcher.

Ranging from 100KW satellites to dozens MWs power plants, Rovial will provide solutions for existing and emerging applications across dual Commercial and Defense markets, addressing the need for more accessible, eco-friendly power in space at a reduced cost. The applications enabled encompass areas such as High-power communications, Data processing, Space data centers, Space lasers, Moon missions, Power beaming, and more!

Leading the space power revolution


Rovial is charting a distinct path: intelligent, adaptable and efficient robots for assembly and repair of orbital structures, such as solar panels, and other in orbit services.

AI-enabled Robotics

The epitome of advanced robotics.

Cutting-edge robotic technology designed for multifaceted applications in space. These AI-enabled robots are poised to revolutionize space exploration and industry.

They excel at:

  • Mission lifetime extension and flexibility.
  • Assembly of large structures, including antenna reflectors and other sizable components.
  • In-space satellite inspection, maintenance, and repair, primarily addressing damages caused by micrometeorites.
  • In-orbit payload servicing, encompassing tasks such as HW manipulation, Space Situational Awareness (SSA) and surveillance.

Rovial Breakthrough™

Rovial Breakthrough™ is our inaugural Solar Space Platform boosting an initial power output ranging from 100KW to 500KW.

Its resilience ensures 15 years of life-span full realization of the platform potential, all in one single launch.



Rovial Space is an active member of the Space Ecosystem.

We believe in cooperation with other established industrial companies as well as Start-ups, Research Centers, Space Agencies, and Institutional agents to reach space industry development and sustainability goals.

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Rovial is addressing a €230 billion dual-use market: defense and commercial

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With a dynamic team comprising brilliant experts and achievers from 9 different nationalities, Rovial Space is more than just a company: it's a powerhouse of international talents and creativity.

At Rovial Space, we are united by a common passion: pioneering a future where utterly abundant, affordable, and sustainable power is the enabler of human development, on Earth, in Space, and into the Solar System as a multi-planetary species.

Our team possesses profound expertise in Robotics, AI, Space technology, Thermal engineering, Structural engineering, and High-power generation.

Together, we push the boundaries of what’s possible, developing cutting-edge technologies that enable new bold businesses and pave the way for a more sustainable space.

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Sustainability is at the core of Rovial Space identity because it brings tangible benefits to our clients, our business, and society.

and durability

We build space assets for extended lifespans, utilizing self-healing technology, robust designs, passive thermal control, and AI resilience.

Clean energy

Rovial Space Power generation needs fewer electronics, produces less waste, and is more durable and scalable.


We make responsible use of space assets with the use of higher orbits and one single service platform instead of thousands.

Low junk,
low carbon

We strive to boost space ecosystem sustainability by prioritizing environmental cleanliness, reducing carbon footprint, and minimizing the necessary service launches.


Rovial Space is a Global Company launched in 2022 with Headquarters in Toulouse (France).

Our 2,000 m(2) HQs and Tech Development Center was opened in June 2023 and hosts the Engineering, Commercial, and Technology Development activities.

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The future needs more power.
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